Android Auto Apk

Android Auto for Android 4.9.594933

Dec 23, 2019 - Google LLC ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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Android Auto App Apk is an active and smart app for you to take any of your necessary apps from your phone to your vehicle. It requires internet connectivity as well as the fully updated apps Google Maps, Google search, and Google plays. Supports all the famous brands of cars and enables you to control the navigation, sound, address book as well as reminders.

Android Auto App Apk

Android Auto App Apk Features

Easy to Use

The presents an easy to use interface with a dark theme. This helps the drivers to control it more reliably. While using the app you will feel relaxation to see the different attractive fonts and fresh colors.

Infotainment System

Apply the infotainment system to your car and talk to your car. Just got a ‘talk’ button to your steering and have an enormous art library. Without using hands control maps, large touch targets, and much more. Switch your phone and let it work and sync apps.

Use of messaging apps

Use Google Assistant SMS and have simple access to your contacts catalog. It enables you to send as well as receive SMS with all types of famous messaging apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and a lot more.

Sync Phones Navigation

A simple way of sync phones navigation and music and Google Maps on the cars display screen. It works along with a fitted display system with a car’s factory and driven by your Android phone.

Latest Updates

A pop up appears on the screen to inform you about the latest updates when you are driving. It also helps you to listen to music, suggests a location, and navigate a place. 

Updates about the Rout

Find any type of updates about your route such as any danger ahead or ETA in real-time. Also check the calendar, set reminder for news and last night score.

Main Features

  • Use your Android phone for your car’s screen
  • Android Auto Use network 
  • Use all famous messaging apps
  •  Sync the navigation of your phones
  • Get information about the latest updates
  • Updated about route
  • Use of Infotainment system
  • An easy to use interface
  • Easy control on sound, address book, reminders, and navigation
  • Easily reply the notifications
  • Free of cost 

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