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Jan 7, 2020 - Bitlord ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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BitLord Filehippo for PC Windows is an easy torrent downloader. So if you’ve ever used torrents now torrents are a way to download files via a p2p connection or a peer-to-peer connection. This allows you to down the bigger files faster. Because you’re taking bits and pieces from files from different people now peer-to-peer clients are normally associated with downloading stuff all that but there’s a much broader spectrum you can download stuff.


BitLord Filehippo Detail

Like podcasts you know you can share files between friends anything that you know consumes a big amounts of data or you know video if the video is very very popular one that’s why a lot of podcasts tend to put their stuff on peer-to-peer anything that would take a little bit longer to download that’s what these clients. Like BitLord Filehippo is really really good for access so you can head over to BitLord Filehippo command check it out.

Search fine download

It’s easy torrent download or you can search fine download anything via the program. It’s a really unique one on which it’s obviously free and I’m gonna go ahead and show to you now and you’re gonna minimize this and open up the client right here so this is a bit lower this is version 2.1 point 1. We’re taking a look at all you can see here basically is the main interface here and you can see at the top you have your file you have your edit and you can go into preferences here so I want to quickly show you the preferences there’s a lot of stuff you can associate with preferences this basically allows you to change all the settings from being alerted about new releases of the programs to changing your downloads folder your network and how many you can associate


How much data you want the torrent program to use what ports bandwidth etc you can mate and mess around with the interface and enable and disable certain stuff you can be known to cut and notified via different ways you can add plugins you can add a whole bunch of stuff so that’s all you know where you edit everything the preferences you have your view to change your interface as I said and under help, you have your basic about help home page stuff alright so here’s your interface now what’s unique about bit Lord it’s not just a simple downloading client.

You know most clients have a download interface well this has it has a built-in browser so you can click here and you can see here by default it takes you to box hub com slash so you can actually browse within the program so you can browse actual sites that may host torrents like I said a lot of podcast sites do this or if you want to you know to share something with your friend and you can go to a site that would allow you to download a dot torrent file or you know the the the thing to start your tour and you can download it via the browser.

Find downloads

BitLord Filehippo will automatically put it within bit low work you can also find downloads you have this fine downloads button right here and once you click that it’ll open up a new tab it has a browsing experience built-in here so you can check this out and this will allow you to see all these different you know the popular downloads you can games and applications.

You can simply add it to one by clicking add torrent and what this will allow you to do you can add two torrent via URL add a file if you want to share out files out there add info hashes etc and you can start the download allowing to that you have the download schedule or the DL schedule this allows you to do is download on a basis again very very similar to what I talked about earlier let’s say you have that podcast that comes about every Friday and you know where to download it you can limit you can set that up you can also their stuff for in this case limiting your download.

RSS feeds

So you can schedule download so you can say dear here download limit on certain days I can click on a certain day and have download limits set to that you can cancel that apply it you have how many active torrents you can have on that day again very very useful if you don’t want to use up a lot of bandwidth or if you have a cap and you don’t wanna reach that cap very very useful as well preferences we already took a look at this earlier and then you have your basic interface you can add RSS feeds you can add feeds of videos you can add feeds upon cast your favorite sites stuff.

Like that you can add those feeds in here so you can get those files via torrents if needed you can just simply click to them and read them the via the RSS so you can see all your RSS feeds when you’re downloading a file here you’ll see you have a couple options you can play the file so you can start the download you can pause the download let’s say you need to do something that you don’t want the internet or you want you don’t want the peer-to-peer you have a download connection going you have an upload connection going because you’re also sharing.

Control Downloading Files

While you’re downloading files so you can pause that if you don’t your bandwidth to be going you can completely stop the download or seed you can delete the torrent and you can as well as queue up and queue down if you’re downloading multiple torrents here so the Torn shows you tons of statistics from progress cedars peers cedars and peers are basically how many people are out there that are downloading a file at the same time as you are and how many people are seating peers are just been you know the number of people about the seating is if you leave your client open after you download the file

It’s kind of a proper torrent etiquette to leave it open and see during your basically seating the file out there for others to download so that is what that is that shows you all here and then at the very bottom here you have stuff like statuses details you can see all the files within the torrent file because some torrent files may have multiple files so you can kind of you know adjust which files you want out of that torrent file you have the peers here options fast downloads.

Comment section

You have the comment section so you can talk about it or maybe you’re having issues downloading it maybe you want to ask somebody for a part two of a party cat or an episode of video whatever it maybe you can add comments to it then you have all your statistics down here below so in summary the Lord is an awesome awesome awesome feature-packed torrent downloader torrent manager allows you to have a built-in browser and access files find videos applications games TV shows etc all via its interface it is completely free so you really aren’t risking much in trying

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