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Jan 6, 2020 - Brave Software Inc ( Open Source ) - 100% Safe
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Brave browser Filehippo is a secure web browser that does not just block annoying ads and trackers as well as stick in privacy protection for his users. Both internet browsers provide the consumer to switch off the ads and rewards the content creator. Just like the majority of internet browsers, in addition, it is free to use. Although it doesn’t run quite as quickly as a number of the more popular web browsers it’s completely free and has the extra benefit of blocking adverts so they become a thing of the past.

Brave Browser

Brave browser Filehippo Features

It also aims to introduce cleaner, non-intrusive ads to allow users to fund their favorite websites without having their privacy invaded.


To get tokens, users should have the most recent version of the browser (0.19.105). Many users have shelled out their get money to support their favorite creators. An increasing number of users become interested in their online privacy. In doing so, they earn a small share of the revenues in bitcoins (15 percent), which they can spend as a micropayment to receive an ad-free experience on their favorite sites for a certain amount of time. With the latest Brave browser release, they can choose to distribute their contributions either based on the amount of time they view a channel or just pinning a particular amount to the channels they want to support. Brave users aren’t able to view any ads but still, support their favorite site.

Better Ads and Stop Annoying Ads

When you hit a site, a number of trackers are logging your data with the goal of serving you better ads. It’s also optional, meaning it’s up to you if you would like to contribute to your favorite site or not. The web has turned into a different location. You are not able to get on the web without a browser, but when you are there, the perfect browser would just disappear.

Surf the Web Safely

Brave browser can be found at Finally, it has concluded that Brave Browser is among the finest open source web browser. That may let you surf the web safely with no annoying advertisements. The Brave browser is a distinctive project. It has been projected to take over the browser war due to unique features compared to peers like Mozilla. It will automatically direct your Bitcoins to your favorite websites according to the time you spend on them. Brave Browser, more than a very simple ad-blocker, lets users surf the internet, while still allowing webmasters to earn revenue.

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