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Google Play Store for Android 18.3.13

Jan 14, 2020 - Google Inc ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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Google Play Store app apk is the giant platform for downloading apps, games, and any type of content relating to Androids. It like an indicator providing information about apps, containing with author’s depiction, apps rating, images, comments and suggestions about the apps. This official and secure Google Play store let you update your device with the latest running apps. You can try Aptoide and Apkpure good Alternative of google play store.

Google Play Store apk

Google Play Store App Apk Features

Update the latest version of Play Store

Google play store is the pre-installed application on Androids. But you need to update your play store to the latest version. Push the search button and find any type of information about games, books, videos, photos, and much more.

Direct updating of apps from Store

The installed apps on an Android device can be directly updated via play store. You will find any freshly res leased version of apps to keep your device up to date for work properly.

Personalized Recommendation

Google Play Store is a huge collector of personalized apps as well as games. It shows the past activity of users, their actions, location, and other important events. With automatic curated or by the Google team, these personalized collections make sure the incorporation of test apps and games.

Google play instant

Google play instant is a great feature for enabling its users to try any app directly without installing it.

Early Access

Google play store enables you to run an open test before launching your app and improve its quality from the advice of people who always want to experience any app or game first.

Charts and Categories

Google play store offers a great variety of charts over 40 famous categories. Users can easily discover the latest or trendy apps through these charts. You will find the trending algorithm highlighting more.

Wish Lists

Google play store also arranges a set up of wish lists for your required applications and games. This enables you to download this content later on


Google play store offers a lot of best apps for keeping your Android secure by managing privacy settings.

Main Features

  • The best platform for downloading apps or games
  • Updated routinely
  • Arrange wish lists to discover content easily
  • Guaranteed security
  • Offers charts and categories
  • Early access to test new apps 
  • Google play instant

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