NET Framework 4.8

Jan 2, 2020 - Microsoft Corporation ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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.NET Framework Filehippo is Microsoft’s comprehensive and compatible programming model tool to create software for programmers and application developers. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 attributes all of the essential components to develop and run. But and the library called for by different applications. You are able to install the Net Framework through an offline or online installer. Or so the internet connection isn’t required. It is potential that some documents don’t run in your own pc. That is because you don’t need these records into it. You simply need to download and then install it and they’ll run flawlessly.

NET Framework

.NET Framework Filehippo Features

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is currently the most recent edition of the development system and includes significant new features. As well as an optimized method to utilize HTML and CSS. Therefore support for multi-touch direction in Windows 7 and Surface 2.0 SDK. Improvements in code debugging and much more. You won’t have any issues when installing because the installation is quite simple. The .NET Framework 4 functions side by side with elderly Framework versions. Software that is based on earlier versions of this Framework will continue to run on the model aimed by default.

Provides Several Solutions

Microsoft .NET Framework provides several solutions, including memory management, type, and memory safety, safety, networking, as well as software installation. You can use Many Different programming languages using the .NET Framework, including C#, F#, and Visual Basic.


Programmers will inform you just how hard it’s to compose. If not only considering the way you wish to begin to design a program. You need not bother anymore once you have this type of kit. You will mostly use a copy and paste capabilities as you’ve got inbuilt purposes and pseudocodes to utilize. But It simplifies the job of a developer.

Offline and online

This download consists of offline and net installers, pick any one of them..NET Framework 4.0 / 4.5 (Offline and online) licensed as freeware. For either PC or notebook with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system. It’s in the os components category and can be available to all applications users as a free download. The .NET Framework 4 functions side by side with elderly Framework versions. Therefore Software that is based on earlier versions of this Framework. It will continue to run on the model aimed by default.

Multicore Support

Better multicore service is provided. In addition to greater n-tier service with self-tracking entities, customizable code generation (with T4 templates). As well as foreign important institutions and test-driven advancement service. Performance improvement including improved multicore support, desktop garbage collection, and profiler connect on a host.


  • New memory-mapped file and numerical types.
  • Improvements at ADO.NET
  • Enriched Windows Workflow.
  • Innovations from the Visual Basic and C# languages, such as announcement lambdas.
  • As well as implicit line continuations, dynamic dispatch, and named/optional parameters.
  • Several improvements to the modeling and data accessibility.

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