Speccy 1.32.740

Jan 1, 2020 - Piriform ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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Speccy Filehippo will provide you detailed data on each piece of hardware in your PC. Also Speccy adds to the temperatures of the different parts, so it is simple to see whether there’s an issue. The General tab lists a few data, along with the Device Manager on the Hardware tab lists all the hardware you have got installed. Nonetheless, it misses out plenty of data you will need.

Should you have to learn additional information on your PC then the Speecy is an ideal choice to begin. It supplies the entire details on each portion of the hardware from the machine. With the support of this Speecy, everyone can easily locate the issues on your own device before they happen.

Speccy Filehippo

Speccy Filehippo Features

Highly Detailed Data

Using Speccy now you can obtain highly detailed data on your computer that pay not just the basics like chip and RAM memory, but additionally hard disk, graphics card, motherboard, optical drives, operating system and much more. You are able to see the info about the program’s well-designed interface and save a snapshot of it for later reference.

Make a List

You might think this info is only valid for computer geeks, network administrators and other types of tech-savvy consumers, but the truth is it may be handy for everybody. Speccy enables you to assess your RAM settings before purchasing more modules, or make a list of attributes in the event you would like to offer your personal computer, to provide a few examples.

More Information

The fundamental data shown by Speccy may also be located in certain particular regions on the Windows program, however, Speccy makes it a lot easier for you by collecting everything under one interface and additionally providing more information.

Beta Development

Speccy remains in beta development and also lacks a few additional attributes we could find on other comparable tools: capability to export to multiple formats, including functionality evaluations, record of installed applications, etc.. However, being a program out of the very same developers of CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, we could simply expect it to enhance!


It exhibits the specification of computer along with other information like RAM, sound, CPU, Motherboard, and many others. The user may load and narrative the speccy accounts snapshots and store XML files. The technical support specialists utilize this tool to resolve computer problems. It may display the voltage and temperature in the detector at the motherboards. It’s in system data class and can be available to all applications users as a free download.

Speccy File hippo

See what is in your PC

The program will be where to begin if you want to understand what’s on your PC. Watch a fast overview, or dip deeper in each component of your PCs hardware so that you may make an informed update and buying choices.

It provides you detailed info on each piece of hardware on your PC. Save yourself time through your pc for stats such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards and much more.

Watch real-time temperatures of crucial components so that you may easily spot issues before they happen.

Conserve Snapshots

Speccy Filehippo permits you to save your scan effects directly as a photo, XML or text file for simple sharing. Handy for ensuring your new computer has the ideal specs, or if technology support must diagnose a problem with your PC.

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