Unlocker 1.9.2

Jan 7, 2020 - Cedrick Collomb ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe
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Unlocker Filehippo for PC Windows this program will unlock files that are somehow locked you can’t access them or delete them. A little bit more for advanced users, you don’t want to start randomly deleting and unlocking files in Windows that are locked for a good reason to protect your operating system as you install it you will get the Delta toolbar to offer to click advanced click.


Unlocker Filehippo for PC Detail

where it says or uncheck install Delta toolbar hit next I would not bother with this because it hasn’t been updated in three years so you don’t really want this thing checking for updates every day or every week the Explorer extension I don’t think anybody needs. That that would be under your right-click it would add an extension here unless you’re locking files all the time so now the biggest thing with this program you need to know is it’s not the most intuitive program going it works excellent it’s one of the best unlock errs out there but it can be a little bit finicky.

So I’ll show you a little bit why once you get it started it’s not really clear on what it does so let’s go into let’s say Program Files so you get a good understanding your best bet here would probably be to have Windows Explorer open parallel but for now we’ll just show you how it works you can get your process you can get your path most of the stuff is going to be difficult to unlock because of Windows.

But you could take let’s say runtime broker with something you wanted to you could kill the process you could unlock it or if you use your shift and arrow key you could actually select a whole bunch of files if you click kill process doesn’t tell you what it did so you have to assume that it killed the process there is no right-click option so everything you need is down here whether it’s killing the process unlock all or take connection

Unlocker Filehippo is usually delete when applicable rename move or copy if you want to back it up so I’m not going to do too much too in here as you can see it’s pretty simple to use however let’s say I have a file and a folder that I know I want to lock let’s close it because once again it has no real interface it doesn’t allow me to just go hey let’s start looking again and we’ll go to the desktop you have a sample video here in MKV format we will go to my desktop we will tell it that’s the folder I want to look at and it’s going to see if there are any problems in there as you can see it says there is no problem here there’s no locking handle.

But it can help you delete it now as I showed you earlier what you should get under your action is delete rename remove you would add the same things you saw on the other one if this file was locked kill the process that would take care of being able to unlock it hopefully so in this case you can see we could just walk away or hit delete once again it’s a totally different simplified interface than it is when we’re looking at a complete folder so let’s click OK and as you can see it’s gone now unlocker once again closed you have to start all over again depending what you want to do then I have these problems this has happened and I think I’m gonna take 9 this happened before all of a sudden everything’s gone

So while it works in Windows 10 it’s a little buggy whether it does this stuff in Windows 8 and all that I don’t know but it’s one of those programs that work so well that these little tiny bugs that you get are probably worth the hassle if You’ve got a locked file or folder so I would be willing to bet you if I rebooted my operating system right here that this would come back and be just fine so there you go program is totally free once again watch out for the additional support it’s not too hard to avoid it but if you’ve got an unlock file folder it’d be hard-pressed to find another program that works as well oh give her a shot

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