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WhatsApp for Android 2.19.220 (452927)

August 11, 2019 - WhatsApp Inc ( Freeware ) - 100% Safe

WhatsApp App Apk is a multi-platform for sending and receiving messages along with photos, videos, documents, and voice messages using your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. A lightweight and easy app with simple installation takes no time to start. Once you install it is ready to welcome you to carry on. A free messaging app which is used globally.  You can use the app in all type of Androids. Create a group of how many people you want and make calls or send messages even internationally without charges.

WhatsApp App

WhatsApp App Features

WhatsApp APK

Install WhatsApp APK app for your Android to contact the whole communicating system for protecting messages, calls, and videos. You have to give the username as well as a password for a safe sign in. and a contact code which you have received at the time of registration while adding this information you will receive the contact list and the previously customer of WhatsApp in your contact list.

Free App

WhatsApp is free of cost app enables you to connect your friends or family. It uses the same data or Wi-Fi network which is used by other web browsers or email. 

Support multi purposes

WhatsApp is a multi tasking app, as you can send and receive SMS, voice messages, documents, and videos.

Free Calling

The app gives its users free calling to any part of the world. You can also call on a landline on very low charges. Not to call 911 or any other emergency services.

Group Chating

Create a group of hundreds of people and enjoy chatting with your friends and family. Share your live memories with them and stay up to date always.

WhatsApp Web 

The app is available on your PC or Laptop now. Just scan your QR code through your mobile and communicate with your friends during your routine work in office or home.

No use of Username or Pin

You need not remember any other username or pin, just use the phone number and mix together with your phone’s directory.

Costantly connected

The app enables you always connected with your circular, never mind you are signed in or sign off.

Fast Connection

Just open your phone directory and connect quickly with any of your contacts. No bothering of adding username or pin. In fact a very simple and easy way.

Offline Messages

In case of offline don’t worry, the app will save your messages for the time to log in.

Share Everything

Through WhatsApp you can share your pleasant memories, location, wallpapers, notifications and much more.

WhatsApp Apk

Main Features

  • A multi-platform for sending and receiving messages
  • Free of cost
  • Group chatting with multiple people
  • Share everything with your friends and family
  • Receive offline messages
  • Fast connection
  • No use of Username or Pin
  • Introduces WhatsApp web 
  • Install WhatsApp APK to protect messages

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